Mechanical Puzzle Prototype

Mechanical Puzzle Prototype
wood, clear acrylic, pinballs, found objects

The prototype is both a puzzle and a rolling ball sculpture. The user has a set of controls to navigate three pinballs through the machine. To solve the puzzle, three slots at the bottom must be filled with one pinball each. Solution time for adults is anywhere from 45 minutes to hours.

I was twenty years old when I created the puzzle prototype. It was the culmination of my life up to that point. I grew up an aspiring inventor, completely captivated by my workshop. I felt a powerful absence during a year’s study in college. That experience propelled me to tackle the prototype, an idea I had been minding since age twelve. The project quickly became all-encompassing and I left school to see it through.

I am seeking funding to create a giant steel version of the prototype. You can learn more about that endeavor here:

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